If you don’t cut the cake into pieces and just eat the whole cake, then you only had one piece


That was the plan, but even though we ordered a small one, it still turned out to be too much to finish at one go. So we did the next best thing and ate it all in two sittings.

Here’s the piece that didn’t make it through the day. Can you guess what cake it was? Hint: the gooey yellow filling is not cheese.

Montreux Patisserie is a local Singaporean halal-certified patisserie that started out as a small bakery along East Coast Road in 1995. It has grown over the past 25 years and currently operates out of a 51,000 sqft manufacturing plant in Senoko Drive.

Yes, they call their central kitchen a “manufacturing plant”, which gives you a good idea of how much cake they produce every day. They mainly supply to hotels, restaurants, cafes and other businesses but have started selling to consumers via their official store on Shopee.

This is how our cake looked when it was delivered to our doorstep. We ordered the 6-inch, but they also sell a larger 1.2 kg version.

Don’t let the fact that their cakes are manufactured in a factory prevent you from trying them out, because the durian cake we had was fantastic (did you guess correctly?).

The filling was made from fresh, meaty and flavourful durian, the sponge was nice and soft and the whipped cream topping was light and fluffy. The decorative chocolate swirl and fans were meh, but the small brown balls provided a nice crunch when you bit into them.

A layer of pandan kueh lapis was wrapped around the entire outer circumference of the cake, and provided an interesting taste contrast. But I think its main purpose was to provide some structural integrity because the cake was just so soft.

We finished half of the 6-inch cake in about 10 minutes.

The other half went into the fridge and stayed there for two days, before it was also wiped out in 10 minutes. By then, the sponge had hardened slightly (but only slightly) and the whipped cream lost some of its fluffiness, but the filling tasted just as good.

It could easily keep for another day in the fridge for another day, consistent with Montreux’s advice of a four-day shelf life in a 4°C chiller.

Why is this important? Because it means that we can get the 1.2 kg cake next time, and eat it over four days!

This was actually our fourth order from them. The first was a pecan pie, which was very nice. The second was an apple pie, which was just average but had a nice crust. Both arrived frozen and kept well in the freezer for a couple of weeks.

The Wife also ordered a 1 kg ondeh ondeh cake which was delivered to her good friend MH, who enjoyed it immensely. From the photos that she sent back on Whatsapp, it looked delicious, especially that brown layer of gula melaka.

The ondeh ondeh cake also came with a free gift of 15 macarons, and our durian cake was delivered with eight black forest tartlets. We tried asking over Shopee chat if we could have the macarons instead, but were told that only the tartlets were available as the August freebie. First world problems, I know.

Browsing their catalogue on Shopee, I see so many cakes that I want to try.

The 1 kg ondeh ondeh cake for sure, and also the 1.2 kg version of the durian cake. But there’s also the 1 kg New York cheesecake which can keep in the freezer for a month, or maybe even the whopping 1.7 kg carrot cake, which can also be frozen. The 1 kg strawberry shortcake looks good, as does the 1 kg Royal Charlotte cake with raspberry and blueberry bits.

I used to think about cakes in terms of slices, but nowadays it’s all about the kilograms. Which may, or may not, be a health issue. But sometimes, all you need to be happy in life is a piece of cake.

And, as they say: “If you don’t cut the cake into pieces and just eat the whole cake…”, well, you know how it ends.

[Update 16 Oct 2020]
It took us six days, but we finally finished the 1 kg (~9-inch) ondeh ondeh cake that we ordered last weekend. Cake overdose, but in a good way.

[Update 05 Dec 2020]
Oops! We did it again. This time it was the seasonal 800gm Lemon, Strawberry & Pistachio Gateau Christmas Cake, which we finished in three days. Doesn’t it look festive and pretty? Compared to the durian and ondeh ondeh cakes, this was much lighter and more refreshing, especially the lemon mousse that enveloped the strawberry jelly and pistachio crunch. The lemon was a bit too tart on day 1 and overpowered the other flavours, but it mellowed out the following day and everything was well balanced. The pistachio crunch was especially nice and tasted natural. Ok, enough cake for 2020. Maybe.

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