Hotpot at home using ingredients from Don Don Donki

We’ve been looking at various hotpot appliances for some time and finally bought a Mistral induction cooker that came with a free pot (MIHC1800). The petit 35cm diameter footprint fit nicely on our dining table and was just the right size for the two of us.

To official put it into service, we headed down to Don Don Donki at Orchard Central and picked up some fresh meats and vegetables for a simple home hotpot.

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Looks like I’m able to eat supermarket sushi again

The very first piece of sushi I ever had was a spicy tuna gunkan from Cold Storage. It was wrapped in plastic and kept in a large cooler, together with other similarly-wrapped sushi. I was a teenager then and the most important thing was that it was cheap and tasted alright. Not fantastic, but not that bad either.

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Surfer dudes make the best seafood BBQ

We were glad that the walk back to the hotel was relatively long, as it gave us time to slowly digest the huge meal. The next time we’re back in Kaohsiung, we will definitely return.

Until then, at least we can enjoy the livestreams that they put out regularly on Facebook. Nothing much happens during those sessions, but it’s strangely calming to watch a surfer dude patiently cook seafood over red hot coals for one and a half hours.

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Sometimes all you need is some deep-fried pork

My plate of negi miso rosu arrived with the pork drenched in thick black miso and topped with a big handful of roughly chopped leeks. It seems like a waste to drown the fried pork in sauce, but the meat was hearty enough to stand up to the miso, especially with the well-distributed pockets of fat that come with a good cut of rosu.

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