Nature moves at its own pace

We bought two bags of our usual dou miao and noticed the small photos on the bottom left of the back label. Apparently, the sprouts could actually be re-grown by placing the roots and remaining stalks into a container of water.

The sprouts shot up at quite an amazing pace and after only seven days, they were ready to be harvested and eaten again. It’s unclear if the Totoro had any significant impact on their speed of growth.

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Explore the wonderful world of Indian curries at Manam

There were 13 different curries listed on the menu, including the familiar Butter Chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh. But there were also many that looked totally unfamiliar to us, with equally exotic (and long) names like Varutharaicha Kari Kuzhambu that I had never seen before. It was then that I realised that we were in for a treat.

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Ollella doesn’t just make yummy kueh kueh

When it comes to kueh kueh, Ollella ranks high on my list because of their fantastic kueh dadar. We recently discovered that they also cook home-style comfort food like nasi lemak, lontong and sate ayam and offer island-wide delivery. So, we ordered their family combo meal to sample what they had to offer.

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Sorrowful rice of ecstasy

1996 was a great year for Hong Kong movies. Because in 1996, the fantastic 《食神》 (God of Cookery) was released. There are so many classic scenes in that movie, but one unforgettable segment has to be when Stephen Chow made 《 黯然销魂饭 》。 It’s a challenge to translate the name of that dish to English, but “Sorrowful rice of ecstasy” is probably as close as it gets.

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