Head up to Wulai for a break from the bustle of Taipei city

The first time we visited Wulai (烏來) was in the winter of 2005. We were on vacation in Taipei and wanted a change of scenery from the tall buildings and crowded streets of the city but didn’t want to travel too far. So we booked a night at 美人湯溫泉會館, a hotspring hotel up in the Wulai mountains.

We enjoyed the stay and told ourselves that we would visit Wulai again. But we got distracted by the central, eastern and southern Taiwan and didn’t manage to return until the spring of 2019.

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Surfer dudes make the best seafood BBQ

We were glad that the walk back to the hotel was relatively long, as it gave us time to slowly digest the huge meal. The next time we’re back in Kaohsiung, we will definitely return.

Until then, at least we can enjoy the livestreams that they put out regularly on Facebook. Nothing much happens during those sessions, but it’s strangely calming to watch a surfer dude patiently cook seafood over red hot coals for one and a half hours.

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Running down our expiring Krisflyer miles

Our next few flights will be within the region, starting with Japan in 2023 Q1, followed by South Korea in 2023 Q4 and Taiwan in 2024 Q2. Based on current redemption rates, Business class tickets will require a total of 498,000 miles. Which would be enough to wipe out the expiring miles already sitting inside our Krisflyer accounts.

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Visiting the Nikka Yoichi distillery in Hokkaido

The highlight of the visit was finding out that there was a small bar in the museum, where we could sample the Yoichi 15y and 20y. Yes, actually get to taste them.

It wasn’t cheap, but the fact that they were even available to drink was amazing. We sent a photo to some friends who are big whisky fans and they were suitably impressed, and I assume, also very envious.

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