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Hotpot at home using ingredients from Don Don Donki

We’ve been looking at various hotpot appliances for some time and finally bought a Mistral induction cooker that came with a free pot (MIHC1800). The petit 35cm diameter footprint fit nicely on our dining table and was just the right size for the two of us.

To official put it into service, we headed down to Don Don Donki at Orchard Central and picked up some fresh meats and vegetables for a simple home hotpot.

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How to make coffee: The science behind the bean

If you’re interested in making and/or drinking coffee, this book is quite a useful and interesting read. It won’t make you a professional barista, but it will explain what goes into the making of a good cup of coffee.

Plus, it looks good sitting on a bookshelf, which is always an important consideration when buying a physical book.

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