Nasi padang is our happy meal

It was a cold Wednesday morning and we were down to the last ice cream stick for our July food delivery quota. I fired up the trusty foodpanda app on my mobile, which suggested that I make a repeat order from The Nasi Pandang by Butterscotch. And so I did.

We discovered Butterscotch on foodpanda earlier this March when we were searching for new places to try, and since then we’ve made seven orders. Which works out to at least once a month, sometimes twice, and by now, we’ve tried almost all their dishes.

The order this time was for breakfast, plus extra dishes to keep for future meals. It may seem excessive for just the two of us, but the leftovers will probably last us for a week’s worth of lunches. It didn’t hurt that there was a discount code for $10 off minimum $50 order for payments with Citibank credit cards.

My go-to nasi padang place used to be Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang at Circular Road, which was a comfortable walking distance from my office. But they have since shut down that branch and seem to have moved to Geylang Serai. When this virus thing is under control, I plan to head down there to check if it’s indeed the same stall.

The Wife’s go-to nasi padang place is at Block 422 Jurong West Avenue 1, literally in the void deck of a few block of HDB flats. Every year, during Ramadan, a pop-up market appears with stalls selling mostly food and we make an expedition to stock-up supplies that last us through the Ramadan month.

Bags and bags of different dishes get portioned out and frozen, and then we defrost and re-heat them for happy meals that look like these. Sedap-nya!

Unfortunately, like so many things this year, Ramadan bazaars have been affected, and we didn’t make our annual journey to the west. So, no roti jala, no sambal goreng pengantin, no babat masak lemak and no beehoon briyani for us this year.

The silver lining though is Butterscotch, where we’ve adopted a similar stockpiling approach to our orders. We typically order one rice set each…

… and add extra orders of other dishes that go into the fridge and get re-heated for future meals.

Our favourites so far are the sambal stingray, ayam masak merah and sambal goreng. The beef rendang has good flavour but is a bit tough, the sambal sotong uses cuttlefish instead of squid and their nasi lemak rice is not fluffy and lemak enough for my liking.

Overall, taste and quality are good and we will definitely continue ordering from them regularly. Hopefully, our small contribution helps to keep them in business and tide over this very difficult time for local restaurants.

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