It doesn’t count if you use a machine

When you’re stuck at home and run out of things to keep you occupied, you end up making Dalgona Coffee. And if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right and make it by hand.

Dalgona Coffee has been popping up in many of the YouTube channels that we watch, and it seems like lock downs in many parts of the world have made this a global sensation.

I did a quick Google search, and got more than five million hits. Which basically means that every person and their dog has made and enjoyed this delicious cold beverage, including The Wife’s good friend in California.

The only problem is, she used their KitchenAid, and I called her out on it on her Facebook post.

You can hand whisk when you are making it. Don’t forget to show me a video of you whisking“, she clapped back.

Well, challenge accepted.

First, the ingredients.

Next, you start whisking.

And you keep whisking…

And whisking…

Until you reach 3,000 and get this beautiful goopy mess.

Then you scoop it all out, stick it in a plastic bag, cut one of the corners and squeeze it out artistically into a glass of cold milk.

And you end up with this delicious cold beverage.

So, DT, ditch the KitchenAid and make it properly lah. I’m pretty sure you have nowhere else to go with plenty of time on your hands.

Stay safe, and our best regards to the family during these challenging times.

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