Keeping it in the family

I’ve been using luggage from Briggs & Riley for about 15 years now. This week, the newest addition to the family arrived.

My first purchase in 2005 was the Baseline Domestic Carry-on Upright two-wheeler, when I started travelling extensively for work.

When they launched new models in 2012 incorporating their patented CX expansion technology, I bought another one. Not because the old one had any issues, but because the expansion feature was so useful.

Naturally, The Wife inherited the old luggage, which replaced her even older one from Dunlop.

However, it wasn’t quite big enough for all her stuff, so when The Planet Traveller had an online Valentine’s Day 20% sale, we bought the Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner four-wheeler.

Here’s a before-and-after comparison of the expansion feature, which increases luggage capacity by 25%.

And a close-up of the mechanism itself.

I’ve been a loyal customer of Briggs & Riley, and in particular their Baseline collection, for a few reasons:

  • Ballistic nylon material that can take a lot of damage, because flak jackets
  • Expansion feature which provides contingent capacity and keeps luggage slim when not in use
  • Lie-flat interior due externally mounted handles, which makes for easier packing
  • Good cost-performance ratio, especially when compared to similar bags from Tumi
  • Lifetime “Simple as that” guarantee, no questions asked and no proof-of-purchase needed

The thing about the lifetime guarantee is that I’ve not had to make use of it after so many years of intensive usage. Everything seems to be in good condition, including the wheels and zippers.

It goes to show the care they take in making their luggage, and the confidence they have in their brand.

Let’s hope they stick around for a long time, and continue making good luggage. Because there’s a good chance that I’ll be buying number four in 2028.

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