The semi-buffet at One-Ninety offers a great balance of choice and quality

The good thing about buffets is the large amount and variety of food on offer, ensuring that everyone gets to choose what they want to eat. The bad thing about buffets is that, for the very same reasons, the quality of food tends to be mediocre.

One way that restaurants have found to balance the trade-off is to offer semi-buffets, where appetisers and desserts are served in the traditional all-you-can-eat format, and main courses are restricted to one per diner and cooked-to-order.

For a good example of this, there’s no better choice than the One-Ninety Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore. When you’re there, make sure to choose the Braised Beef Cheek as your entrĂ©e and go easy on the appetisers.