Growing vegetables in plastic boxes by the window

Ever since The Wife started growing bean sprouts for home consumption, we’ve been toying with the idea of starting a mini vegetable farm in our apartment. It was timely that the National Parks (NParks) launched an island-wide Gardening with Edibles initiative last year that encouraged the general public to grow edible plants at home, and distributed free seed packets to interested families. We signed up, got our seeds and recently started planting them.

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Ugly fruits make yummy desserts

Of all the fruits in the citrus family, I’d say that the kaffir lime is probably one of the ugliest. It’s lumpy, wrinkly and doesn’t look particularly appetising. The rind is quite thick and the fruit itself doesn’t yield much juice. Its redeeming quality though, is that the zest is very flavourful and makes a wonderful ingredient for desserts.

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Nanyang Chinese fusion cuisine done right at Famous Treasure

There’s an abundance of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, many of which specialise in specific regional cuisine such as Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien, Sichuan, Hakka etc. But even though Famous Treasure is also a Chinese restaurant, they don’t quite fit the mold.

Yes, they have Cantonese roast meats on their menu and serve traditional Teochew orh nee dessert, but what makes them special are their well-executed Nanyang (南洋) dishes, many of which you’d typically find at neighbourhood tze char stalls.

(This visit was made in April, before “Phase 1.5” restrictions came into effect on 16 May)

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