Blind taste test of single-origin beans from Mt Whitney Coffee Roasters

Over the past few months, as I was experimenting with new equipment and different brewing variables, I’ve been asking her to score the coffee on a scale of 1 to 10. But now that the scores have been consistently 8 or more, it was time to run a new experiment on her — a blind taste test to see if she could differentiate coffee brewed from beans grown in different countries.

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Tetsu Kasuya vs Tetsu Kasuya

The Tetsu 4-6 is the go-to recipe that I use to brew my V60 pour over coffee every morning. But since Tetsu is now experimenting with a drastically different technique than the one he perfected in 2016, I thought it’d be interesting to conduct a head-to-head comparison between the two.

What will be the result of the Tetsu vs Tetsu competition?

Will Tetsu beat Tetsu?

Or will Tetsu beat Tetsu?

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Brewing freshly roasted beans from Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee

I’d read about how good Ethiopian beans resulted in coffee with a prominent blueberry note, but I’ve always been skeptical. How can coffee taste like blueberry? But I finally understood after tasting it for myself. It had good balance and body, with a wonderfully floral scent and that amazingly addictive blueberry flavour.

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I think I’m going to stop buying coffee equipment now

Hobbies can get really expensive, really quickly and the trick is knowing when to stop after you start going down a rabbit hole. When it comes to coffee equipment, I think I’ve reached that stage where I’ve bought all the gear that I need to enjoy my daily morning V60 pour over and the occassional afternoon flat white.

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